Telemarketing Tips: Cooling Down Angry Customers

September 2, 2013 Blog 0

Rejections, objections and arguments are inevitable forces in telemarketing, be it with appointment setting, lead nurturing or live answering service. When challenged by these circumstances, a call center agent or professional telemarketer must be equipped with skills and wit to

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Enhance Your Impressive Personality

September 1, 2013 Blog 0

If you want to develop a vibrant personality, is an important aspect of attractiveness and the most important would be quality called inner charisma or charm. Charm is the personality that comes from inside. This is usually known as ‘Personal

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Telecom Expense Management And Knowledge

August 31, 2013 Blog 0

Some telecom expense management (TEM) experts blame the IT and finance departments for destroying the telecommunications budgets with quick fixes such as continually changing vendors or purchasing new technology without fully comprehending the long-term financial consequences of the equipment they

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